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ecancer.org was founded in 2007 by two inspirational oncologists, Prof Gordon McVie and Prof Umberto Veronesi, who shared a mission to improve cancer communication and education. Their mission was to optimise patient care and outcomes by creating an open platform to share new discoveries.

Ten years on and ecancer.org is a flourishing online hub for the cancer community.

The ecancer Global Foundation was established as a UK charity in 2017.

The charity was established to build upon the work of the ECMS Foundation, an independent, not-for-profit organisation in Switzerland.

The ECMS Foundation was established in 2007 with a mission to improve patient outcomes by supporting healthcare professionals and those affected by cancer with free, easy access to cancer education and training.

Four European charities seed funded the work of the ECMS Foundation and were represented on the charity board:

  • The European Cancer Organisation (ECCO)
  • The European Institute of Oncology Foundation
  • The Umberto Veronesi Foundation
  • Swiss Bridge Charitable Foundation

The ECMS Foundation funded the launch of ecancer.org in 2007.

Ten years on and ecancer.org is a flourishing online hub for the cancer community which is home to:

  • 6,000 online videos disseminating cancer information
  • 3,000 news articles
  • 700 Open Access journal articles
  • 60 plus free education modules
  • A Spanish language ecancer

ecancer has also delivered over 30 international live events and symposia.