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Our work in Developing countries

Developing educational resources that can be used for free by healthcare professionals in Lower Middle Income Countries is a key priority for ecancer. Over the past ten years, we have worked with key international societies and institutions to develop meaningful educational activities that have a long-term impact.

Below you can see just a taster of our work.

Latin America

ecancer has been working in Latin America for the last 8 years. Over this time we have run seven standalone events in Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela and Uruguay supporting over 3,000 cancer professionals along the way. In 2018 we will run events in Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

The ecancer website includes a dedicated a Spanish language section focused on the issues facing the Latin American region. ecancer offers a free translation and editorial service for translating Spanish papers into English language for publication.



ecancer is the education and dissemination partner of the National cancer Grid (NCG) - a network of major cancer centres and research institutes across India with the mandate of establishing uniform standards of patient care for prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer, providing specialized training and education in oncology and facilitating collaborative basic, translational and clinical research in cancer.

ecancer films at cancer conferences in India in order to disseminate key findings and improve patient care. We have recently developed a palliative care for health care professionals in India which has already benefited over 1,000 doctors.



ecancer has filmed at the bi-annual AORTIC (African Organisation for the Research and Treatment of cancer) since 2009. ecancer has created a huge archive of educational videos about cancer in Africa and how to improve cancer care in developing countries. A free e-learning palliative care course created in conjuction with the African palliative care association is also available on ecancer.org.

AORTIC videos