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What We Do


We are committed to providing healthcare professionals with the latest evidence based education through a blended mixture of live and on demand learning. We develop free, accredited online courses with leading societies, institutes and healthcare companies that support continued professional education.


We organise events around the world, from large standalone conferences to intimate, focused workshops. The aim is always to deliver high quality educational content to delegates for free or at minimal cost. We create webcasts from our events which are then made freely available to the oncology community so that the knowledge gained at these meetings goes beyond the delegates in the room.


It wouldn’t be possible to carry out the work we do without a supporting network of committed healthcare professionals. We work closely with rising stars and key opinion leaders to identify educational needs in the healthcare community and ensure we deliver high level education and training to fill the gaps.


We film at all the leading oncology conferences, ensuring that we can disseminate the latest oncology news and research to healthcare professionals around the world – all for free. In 2017 we filmed educational content from the following countries:

India, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, USA, Portugal, Austria, Italy, Greece, France, Rwanda, Poland, UK, and Germany.

As a result we have created a vast online video archive of over 6000 videos that covers the last ten years of progress in all aspects of oncology, which is available to everyone.


We support authors from all over the world to publish their research in our Open Access journal ecancermedicalscience. To date the foundation has supported 90% of authors to publish at no cost (over 2500 authors).

The journal has a rigorous peer review process, highly esteemed Editorial Board, and is indexed in all the main repositories, including Web of Science, PubMed and Scopus.

The journal operates an innovative ‘pay what you can afford’ model, ensuring that all scientists and healthcare professionals can share their research regardless of their funding situation.

Free translation and English editing are also provided and the journal publishes in Spanish and English. The wide dissemination which ecancermedicalscience offers is essential in breaking down financial, geographic and language barriers to accessing the latest oncology research.